Avoiding Fire and Flood Albuquerque Apartment
December 27, 2017

Fire and flood can devastate any home, and apartment dwellers can take active steps to ensure that the likelihood of fire or flood is remote or lessened. While owning a home may make a homeowner vigilant about preventing fire, flood, and other disasters in the home, renting an apartment doesn’t always come with the same level of inherent need to protect one’s residence.

However, there are a variety of steps anyone can take to ensure the safety of the home, whether that residence is a house or an apartment.

Identifying Areas for Fire & Flood Concern

Rooms where an apartment dweller may need to behave in a vigilant manner, include the kitchen, the laundry room, and anywhere that a smoke alarm is installed. It may even behoove a family who lives in an Albuquerque apartment to create a plan for escape should a fire or natural disaster occur and damage the residence.

The National Fire Protection Association reveals that 166,100 fires occur in kitchens around the United States each year that have something to do with cooking equipment. It stands to reason many of those fires happen in apartment kitchens, which are partly responsible for the more than billion dollars of damage that occurs each year.

The laundry room is another area where fire problems may occur, and any apartment dweller with a washer and dryer in the residence should take note of the safety recommendations of the manufacturer. For example, emptying the lint trap each time the dryer is used can greatly reduce the fire danger inherent in running the machine.

Simple Changes to Make an Apartment Fire and Flood Safe

Although you may not have the ability to make large or permanent changes to your residence when you live in an apartment, there are some simple decisions and changes you can make to ensure that the likelihood of a fire in your apartment is low, as well as the danger of a flood or plumbing issue. Safe Wise explains:

“[a] way to keep appliances functioning properly is to never plug them into an extension cord or two-slot outlet. You should unplug everything when you’re away on vacation too, just in case.”

If you’re leaving on vacation, you can turn the water off under the sink and on the pipes that lead to the toilet. Although it’s a remote possibility that you’d have a plumbing failure during an absence, turning everything off – from the power strips to the plumbing connections – can help keep things safe and dry until you return.

Facets of your life that may require examination due to the possibility of damage include appliances, electrical equipment, heating devices, and cooking habits. Reporting any problems you might have with appliances and other items in your apartment can help your apartment manager keep the building in good condition for you and the other tenants.

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