Enjoy Your Albuquerque Apartment This Summer
June 30, 2017

From luxury apartment communities to humble abodes, Albuquerque offers its residents a wide variety of opportunities for the ideal apartment lifestyle. However, one of the best reasons to live in an Albuquerque apartment is the ease of access to a combination of luxury amenities and local entertainment. Enjoy a dip in the pool one day and a quick shopping trip the next.

When you’re not at work or in class, Albuquerque and the apartments at Arroyo Villas will keep you entertained, relaxed, and happy. If you’re thinking about moving to Albuquerque, here are a few ways you can enjoy your residency at your new apartment, as well as some of the fun events in which you can participate during the summer.

Spend a Summer Day at Arroyo Villas

Albuquerque provides its residents with many ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but if you live at Arroyo Villas, you’ll have just as many chances to enjoy the summer just a few steps from your apartment’s front door. Community features at Arroyo Villas include a beautiful swimming pool, a playground, and views of the mountains and city from various points around the property.

With temperatures that routinely hit the mid to high eighties during the summer, the sparkling swimming pool is a resident favorite, and the playground is an ideal place for parents to take their children for an easy and convenient place to play and have fun. Of course, not every day during the summer will be spent at your apartment community, which is why the convenient proximity of Arroyo Villas to local shopping and Paseo Del Norte ensures you can enjoy an afternoon at the pool just as easily as you can spend it shopping.

Visit a Park in Albuquerque This Summer

hiking in albuquerqueIt’s quite easy to spend the weekend sitting on the couch catching up on a show you missed last season, but Albuquerque has so many excellent outdoor activities that you’ll want to try a few of them at least once during the summer. Hot air balloon rides are a particularly popular event, but you can also spend an entertaining weekend on your bicycle or on foot, exploring one of the many parks that surround and run throughout Albuquerque.

The La Luz Trail is a popular destination for hiking, and several companies in Albuquerque offer bicycle rentals for riding around town. You might not realize it if you’re not from Albuquerque, but the city provides some excellent streets for cycling. If you feel up to riding on a trail, you can find many miles of paths to ride at the Foothills Trails, the hills that sit on the outskirts of Albuquerque.

Tip: If you look carefully while hiking, walking, or riding the trails, you might see rattlesnakes, coyotes, and rabbits on your journey.

Arroyo Villas, Albuquerque’s Best Apartment Community

Are you thinking about moving to Albuquerque? Have you thought about upgrading your lifestyle? With an ideal location and terrific community amenities, you’ll always have something new to discover at Arroyo Villas. We’d love to create a personalized tour for you at our Albuquerque apartment community. Get in touch with us today to arrange a visit.