Understanding Apartment Lease
February 22, 2018

Moving into a new apartment almost always means signing a new lease, and you should question any landlord who doesn’t want to sign a lease before you move into the apartment. Reading a lease isn’t difficult, and most of the provisions should be spelled out with little fanfare in your leasing document.

However, it may help you to understand what should be included in a lease and what items you should question if they’re missing. A leasing document is an important legal document, but there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed or afraid of the lease or of signing it. Here’s what to look for in your future apartment lease in Albuquerque.

What Does an Apartment Lease Require?

Different states have different rules on tenant’s rights and landlord rights, but there are several basic items that every lease should have. Reading through the lease completely is the only way to make sure that all the protections that will serve you as a tenant are included.

Apartment advice website rent.com offers some simple advice on the basic information required in an apartment lease:

“Your lease should include all essential information about your apartment that you may need to access while you live there, including who manages the property and that person or company’s address and phone numbers. It should also list the price of rent, the amount of the security deposit and at what point a rent payment is considered late (and if there is an accompanying penalty).”

You may assume that the most important factors in your apartment hunt are the price, deposit, and other items impacting the price of the apartment home. However, there are many other questions you may need to answer before moving into your apartment or agreeing to a lease and putting your signature down on paper.

Here are some of the questions you may wish to prepare before visiting with a leasing manager at the apartment community where you want to live:

  • Are pets allowed, and what are the pet rent and restrictions associated with pets?
  • Who is responsible for taking care of minor maintenance issues?
  • What modifications may be made to the space (Paint? Fixtures? Flooring?)
  • Who covers what utilities for residents?
  • Is it possible to sublet an apartment for a few months?

If you think about it for a few minutes, you can probably think of some additional     questions to ask your future apartment property owners or the management company handling the leasing process. You might feel foolish going into a meeting with a list of questions, but you’ll be thankful you didn’t forget any of those questions when you depart.

Remember: Anything the leasing manager or property associate tells you regarding rules and regulations should be included in the lease somewhere. For example, if the leasing manager says you can have a pet but that it will cost thirty dollars in extra rent each month, those terms should be included in the lease.

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