First Time Renters Albuquerque Apartment
May 31, 2018

Becoming an apartment renter in Albuquerque might not sound like a complicated activity, but the process may throw up some roadblocks if you’ve never rented an apartment. Not only are there some common mistakes that you can avoid if you can identify those mistakes before you begin searching for an Albuquerque apartment, but there are also some savvy decisions you can make to create an easier renting experience.

Here are a few things to remember if you’ve never rented an apartment and will shortly begin the process.

Seek Out an Albuquerque Apartment You Can Reasonably Afford

One of the most common reasons a management company may turn down a potential renter is that the renter can’t prove he or she makes enough money to afford the rent. Although you may live in a particularly expensive area where many people pay more than a third of their income to rent, it’s often best to ensure your rent won’t exceed 30 percent of your income each month.

If you’re having trouble finding a residence on your income level (which isn’t too terribly uncommon for new renters who are just out of college or haven’t yet built a career), there are some things you can try to ensure you can gain approval to move into an apartment in your area.

  1. Consider living with a roommate
  2. Look at moving into a smaller apartment
  3. Find a cosigner or ask a parent to cosign the lease

It’s important to note that not all apartment communities accept cosigners for rental agreements, and many property owners require proof of income in the form of paystubs or other, similar evidence.

Inspect Everything About Your Future Home & Your Lease Agreement

We sign all sorts of contracts these days whenever we sign up for a new internet website, and we also tend to buy things we’ve never seen before through online shopping. It’s important to consider that renting an apartment and signing a lease is an area in life where you shouldn’t skim over the small details.

U.S. News & World Report suggests:

“Make sure that all of the appliances are working properly, especially anything that uses gas, like a stove… When you check out a home or apartment, test the burners, the fridge, and all water taps before signing a lease.”

If you’re renting with a reputable apartment community, they shouldn’t have any issues letting you try the various components of the apartment you wish to rent. If you can’t inspect the apartment until you move in because the present tenant hasn’t left the premises, you may want to request a delay on signing the lease until you’ve had a chance to inspect the apartment.

Tip: If you find any chips or scuffs or marks on the walls, ceilings, floors, or appliances when you move into your new apartment, you may wish to take pictures of the residence to ensure you receive your entire deposit back when you eventually move out of the apartment.

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