Buying things for Albuquerque Apartment
January 25, 2018

Your brand new apartment in Albuquerque will probably need a few furnishings when you move in, and it’s common for new apartment residents to make a few purchases upon accepting the keys to the residence. However, if you’ve never lived on your own before, or you’re moving into an apartment without a roommate for the first time, there are probably quite a few items you’ll need.

Here are some simple tips to make sure you get everything you need for your new apartment without spending too much on your new furnishings.

Don’t Buy Things You Already Own

If you’ve never lived in an apartment on your own, or you’ve only lived in a dormitory or a small apartment with a roommate, you probably still own some things that would be suitable in an apartment. When you move into your own apartment, it’s important to look at what you already own and prioritize buying items that you don’t already have.

Insurance company Esurance has some good advice:

“Even if you’re starting out without any furniture when you’re moving into your apartment, you probably have some possessions you’ll be bringing from your last residence (your family home, dorm room, or even a friend’s place).”

If you have a perfectly serviceable laundry basket from college, don’t buy a new one before you have all the other items you don’t currently have for your apartment. You can organize your buying list by creating a checklist for each room of your new apartment. The best time to create this list is after you move into your apartment and you can figure out exactly what you need.

Avoid Buying Certain Items Used 

There are many items you can get secondhand that will work just as nicely as if they were new. A pair of end tables for your living room will probably look quite nice whether they came from an advertisement on Craigslist or they were delivered directly to your doorstep by a major furniture manufacturer.

However, some items aren’t appropriate for use when they’re used, even if you believe they’re in good condition. For example, sheets, pillowcases, pillows, and blankets – anything for a bed – is best purchased new. The prevalence of bedbugs and other little critters that live in bedding is far too high to trust used bedding.

Major discount stores like Target, as well as online marketplaces like Amazon, offer quite affordable bedding, sheets, and other items that you should purchase new. If you can’t afford all the furnishings at once for your bed and other areas, focus on what you need the most. A set of sheets, a pillow, and a comforter are quite sufficient for the first few months until you can add a dust ruffle, some curtains, and a few decorative pillows.

Ask for Advice from Friends About Your Albuquerque Apartment Needs

Speaking of curtains, that’s an item that your friend might recommend you purchase. You can probably wait for curtains if your apartment comes with shades or blinds, but bare windows are often best covered by a curtain. You don’t want “looky-loos” staring into your windows late at night!

If you’re not sure what other items you’ll need for your apartment, a quick conversation with a friend might help you put some needed items on your list of stuff to buy. You might not realize how vital a particular item is until you move into your apartment and realize you desperately need something in the middle of the night.

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